Enjoy fresh seafood and local sake at Noto Kurumaza, supervised by the fixed shore net fishing leader, Umi-no-Oka Club.

Enjoy fresh seafood delivered direct from Noto each morning, conveniently located near JR Kanazawa Station.The fixed shore net fishing leader, Umi-no-Oka Club, brings you fresh seafood caught this morning and delicious local sake. Noto Kurumaza makes the perfect lunch or dinner destination.Kurumaza for Lunch 11:00 to 14:00Lunch Only!10 per day.Tiger Shrimp Bowl ¥1,000(plus tax)Lunch Sets.Include miso soup, small side, and pickled vegetables.image photo Fried Tiger Shrimp Set ¥1,400.Tiger Shrimp Tempura Set ¥1,400.Sashimi Set ¥1,800.Sushi Set ¥1,800.Lunch Set of the Day ¥880. (Prices listed do not include tax.) Satisfying Set ¥2,400 ea.(plus tax)

Example Set Menu pictured. (Tiger Shrimp Kakiage Mixed Tempura Set with Sashimi Assortment)

Kurumaza for Dinner 18:00 to 22:30 Multi-Course Meals. Starting at ¥3,000 (plus tax) per person Our Location